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Charging station for electric cars, Camping 4* La Siesta, La Tranche sur Mer

Camping la Siesta in La Tranche sur mer offers you a 22Kw electrical terminal and a “Super Charger” terminal to recharge your vehicle.

Welcome to the 4-star Camping La Siesta, in an idyllic setting, this campsite offers a unique experience for outdoor enthusiasts and travel enthusiasts. The 4-star Camping La Siesta stands out for its commitment to ecological innovation, introducing cutting-edge electric charging solutions. You own an electric car and you are having problems securing your vacation. Camping la Siesta invests to meet the expectations of its customers.

At the heart of this environmental approach, the campsite is proud to present its electric charging stations, allowing customers to easily recharge their electric vehicles during their stay or their visit and thus gain peace of mind. Whether you're looking for outdoor adventures or just want to relax, Camping La Siesta is committed to providing modern facilities that respect the environment.


The “SUPER CHARGEUR” terminal up to 200 kW: New at the 4-star La Siesta Camping in Faute-Sur-Mer

As a preview at La Siesta campsite, we are proud to introduce a major innovation for our eco-responsible visitors: our brand new electric charging station equipped with a super charger, located opposite the campsite. Immerse yourself in the future of mobility while enjoying your vacation. This cutting-edge technology allows vacationers to benefit from ultra-fast charging, providing exceptional convenience.

Our commitment to sustainable tourism is reflected in this initiative, as we aspire to offer our visitors a vacation experience that combines comfort and respect for the environment. Easily charge your vehicle while you relax by the pool, take in live entertainment, or enjoy a delicious cocktail. We have thought of everything to make your stay pleasant and ecological. Imagine enjoying all the amenities of our establishment, while knowing that your vehicle charges at lightning speed right across the street.


A 22kw electric car charging station is available to customers of the La Siesta campsite in Faute-Sur-Mer

If you own an electric or hybrid car; once you arrive, you will need to recharge your car…

Imagine exploring the surrounding natural beauty, participating in thrilling activities, and then returning to your campsite, knowing that your electric vehicle is ready to take you on new adventures. We offer our customers without leaving the comfort of the campsite, a 22kw terminal to recharge your electric vehicle and allowing you to maximize your time spent exploring rather than waiting.

Our charging station, strategically located inside the campsite, offers a practical solution for electric vehicle enthusiasts. It is a response to the growing demand for sustainable solutions in camping, while ensuring that your stay is as convenient as possible.

This charging station for electric or hybrid cars is available, payment is made at the campsite reception at €20 per badge for campsite customers (unlimited charging per week).

*The car charging station at our campsite has a maximum charging power of 22kw. This power is automatically regulated depending on the electrical network and may be less.

In conclusion, the 4-star La Siesta campsite in Faute-sur-Mer positions itself as a pioneer in ecological hospitality, offering electric car enthusiasts a camping experience combining practicality and serenity. With its new “super charger” terminal, opposite the campsite, it is firmly at the forefront of modern trends, offering its visitors an unforgettable and environmentally friendly stay.


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