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The Great Game for adults & children

Our Grand Game will bring joy to both young and old!

At Camping La Siesta****, summer turns into a season of unforgettable games and adventures for children and adults alike! Nestled in an idyllic natural setting, this four-star haven of relaxation becomes the ultimate playground for vacationers seeking exciting activities and moments of camaraderie.

As the warm rays of the sun embrace the July and August skies, Camping La Siesta comes alive with contagious energy, perfect for exploration and entertainment. For both young and old, a myriad of fun and sporty activities are offered, turning each day into an exciting adventure.


The city stadium, a gathering place

At the heart of the campsite, the city stadium stands out as the ultimate gathering point, where families come together for spirited competitions and moments of genuine camaraderie. Tug-of-war, with teams vying for strength and strategy, thrills participants in a spirit of healthy and enjoyable competition. Sumo wrestling, with its inflatable costumes, sparks laughter and unforgettable memories.

And who could forget the ultimate challenge inspired by the famous Fort Boyard? Brave vacationers embark on a quest filled with puzzles and physical challenges, braving the trials to claim the precious treasure of victory.

Sports enthusiasts are not left out! From electrifying volleyball to aerial badminton, and lively ping-pong matches, everyone finds their favorite playground to express their talent and passion.

In the midst of this whirlwind of activities, the Vendée palace, an emblem of local hospitality, offers a welcome respite. Regional flavors mingle with international delights, satisfying the most discerning palates and reviving vacation memories.


Thus, at Camping La Siesta, the grand games in July and August transcend the boundaries of boredom and monotony, offering every vacationer moments of joy, challenge, and sharing. Between laughter, competition, and relaxation, these moments become the unforgettable memories of a magical summer under the Vendée sun.



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