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The shows of Camping La Siesta

Spectacular Shows at the 4-Star Camping La Siesta

Welcome to Camping La Siesta, a 4-star holiday haven nestled in the heart of the charming seaside resort of La Faute-sur-Mer. The pool party performers transform into a spectacular experience under the stars. Get ready to dive into the captivating world of our lively evenings, where entertainment and relaxation come together to create unforgettable memories.


Pool Party Performer: Spectacle and Dance at the Heart of 4-Star Camping La Siesta

The pool becomes the epicenter of the action, illuminated by fiery pool parties that transform the water into a dance floor. Exceptional performers raise the temperature with enchanting choreographies, while the resident DJ, a master of the turntables, fills the night with infectious sounds that invite you to dance until the wee hours.

But the wonder doesn't stop there. Skillful fire breathers turn the night into a pyrotechnic spectacle, lighting up the starry sky with flamboyant glows that captivate onlookers. Their spectacular performances add a touch of magic to the already electric atmosphere.

You can catch these shows on July 18, 2024, August 1, 2024, and August 15, 2024, allowing you to plan this exceptional moment in your vacation week.

A specially set up bar for shows at 4-star Camping La Siesta

Of course, no memorable evening would be complete without a taste of delicious cocktails. We set up a bar next to the pool, just for the duration of the show, so you can savor your favorite drink while being carried away by the vibrant atmosphere at Camping La Siesta, comfortably seated around a table.


Vidéos - The shows of Camping La Siesta

Whether you're a dance enthusiast, music lover, or simply seeking an evening of relaxation, our nighttime shows promise total immersion in entertainment. Join us for extraordinary evenings where magic happens at every corner of Camping La Siesta, for unforgettable holidays filled with celebration and camaraderie.


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