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Pirate ship, camping la Siesta

Throughout their holiday at the 4-star La Siesta campsite in La Tranche sur Mer, your children will be able to play real pirates!

Welcome to the playground at La Siesta campsite, a playful paradise where adventure and imagination come to life! Laughter echoes through the air as little campers embark on an epic adventure aboard our amazing pirate ship and many other games. Friendships are created, they love to meet and invent real stories for their greatest joy.

The Pirate Ship is a delight for sailors, whether they are young or more experienced


In the heart of the playground and close to the multi-sports field, your children accompanied by their holiday friends will be able to let their overflowing imagination run free to embark on the adventure! Children will immerse themselves in the Pirates of the Caribbean atmosphere with the incredible Pirate Boat!

Proudly enthoned in the heart of the playground, our captivating pirate ship attracts young explorers like a magnet. Featuring a mysterious hut, kids can imagine themselves as brave pirate captains, planning intrepid journeys across imaginary oceans.

The climb to the top is an adventure in itself, with a robust ladder that stimulates the sense of balance and coordination of little budding sailors. Once at the top, a panoramic view is offered to them, transporting them to a world of dreams and discoveries.

Two spectacular slides promise a descent full of thrills and bursts of joy. The children hit the slopes with enthusiasm, the adrenaline getting their hearts pumping.

A small climbing wall also adds a vertical dimension to the whole, challenging little climbers to reach new heights. The tunel invites explorers to sneak through secret passages, reinforcing their agility and adventurous spirit. 

Nearby, a spring-loaded set adds a touch of twist to the experience. The youngest can have fun jumping and swinging, developing their motor skills while sharing moments of complicity with new friends.

The playground of the La Siesta campsite thus becomes the stage for epic stories, where each child is the hero of his or her own adventure. Under the bright sun of the campsite, the pirate ship becomes the nerve center of fun and exploration, creating memories that will last long beyond their vacation.


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