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F1 simulator and Games room

Dive into the Excitement at the Games Room and F1 Simulator at Camping La Siesta

At the heart of entertainment in La Faute-sur-Mer, Camping La Siesta offers a dazzling games room, where fun meets adrenaline. Competition and thrill-seekers will find their paradise in our cutting-edge F1 simulator, offering an experience that merges the raw power of acceleration with the thrilling brutality of braking.Haut du formulaire

Who has never dreamed of driving a racing car launched at more than 300 km / h?

At Camping La Siesta in La Faute sur Mer, wake up the driver who sleeps in you and challenge your friends in an F1 race, as close as possible to reality!




Come and test the F1 simulator at Camping La Siesta in La Faute Sur Mer!

The F1 simulator at Camping La Siesta is not just a machine; it's a real racing adventure. Sit in the driver's seat, grab the steering wheel and feel the frenzy of the most prestigious circuits in the world. Let yourself be carried away by the speed, each turn, each acceleration transporting you into the thrilling world of car racing.

No longer be a mere spectator, take part in the race!
Once your seat is settled, choose your playground among the 24 official F1 circuits, then your team and finally your car!
Then, let yourself be carried away by this extraordinary experience! These simulators transcribing all the sensations of the race: the power of the accelerations, the brutality of the braking, the centrifugal force, the suction effect, etc. Then take part in frenzied races!
Also challenge your friends, possibility to participate in 2!
So don't wait any longer, come and try it!
5 Euros per person for 5 laps in the race + qualifying session


  • Height from 1m40 to 2m10
  • Maximum weight 120kg
  • Not recommended for people under 10 years
  • Not recommended for pregnant women
  • Not recommended for people with heart disease
  • Not recommended for people with epilepsy
  • Sessions by appointment


An incredible games room for friendly moments

For those who prefer more traditional challenges, our games room is equipped to satisfy all desires. Hone your pool skills, discover the art of table football, or challenge your friends to a wild game of the palace game. For electronic game enthusiasts, a captivating selection awaits, guaranteeing hours of interactive entertainment.


The games room at Camping La Siesta is much more than just a place for leisure; it’s a space where laughter mixes with excitement, creating unforgettable memories for families and friends. Whether you are a virtual racing enthusiast or a billiards enthusiast, our games room is the ideal place to escape the daily routine and experience moments of pure pleasure.



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